Work with a Brisbane-based Separation Coach who’ll take care of everything you need to resolve and formalise your parenting and property matters without spending a fortune on lawyers.

  • Collaborative, low conflict experience.

    Reach a separation you agree on together, in a timeframe that’s right for you. It’s your agreement, so you know it will actually work. Your coach will handle the process so you can focus on what matters.

  • Best possible outcome for kids.

    Your coach is a certified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and everything they do is geared towards creating the best possible outcome. They’ll help you create a parenting plan together and then help you make it work.

  • Fair agreements you can see.

    You’ll see your options visualised on a large touchscreen and know instantly which are fair and feasible. Always be moving towards the fairest outcome based on both your needs.

We’re also running a pilot for a new, more positive approach to separation and you can be part of it.


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