evorce is the new way for couples to reach separation agreements. It’s fairer, friendlier and faster than any alternative.


How it works

  • 1. Start with needs

    Identify what matters most to both of you with the help of an expert mediator.

  • 2. Explore solutions

    Work through alternative scenarios using our real time fairness and feasibility feedback tool to find the way forward in hours not years.

  • 3. Formalise the agreement

    Once you reach your mediation agreement, court documents are generated and submitted on your behalf. No lawyers. All legal requirements are met.

The empowered divorce manifesto

We believe divorce should be conversation about needs rather than a fight about rights. You know what’s best for your family more than any one else could, so the only sustainable plan is the one you create together.

Most people don’t need to be represented, they just need to be empowered. Two empowered people can achieve more in a day then those disempowered by the legal system can in a year. Lawyers are better at escalating disputes than resolving them so they should be your last resort, not your first port of call. When one person tries to get more, everyone walks away with less.

Changing a fight about rights into a conversation about needs takes empathy, fairness and courage but couples who are brave enough to do this can move forward to create a positive beginning instead of a bitter end.

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