There’s a new way for couples to work out the details when a relationship ends. Our Separation Coaches are accredited mediators who’ll guide and support you through the process from start to finish, so you end up with the best possible result.


With evorce, you get a dedicated Separation Coach who is a nationally accredited mediator and certified family dispute resolution practitioner. Everything they do is geared towards creating the best possible outcome. The fairest outcome for everyone involved.

When you first meet with your Separation Coach you’ll create a roadmap that’s tailored to your situation. They’ll then work with both of you to get to an agreement that meets everyone’s needs, create all the documents required, and even help you to put your agreement in place. You’ll have as much support as you need at a fixed monthly price.

Separate the fair way

  • 1
    Create a roadmap with your Separation Coach

    Your coach creates a tailored roadmap based on your individual needs and guides you through each step of the process.

  • 2
    Agree on a fair outcome together

    Your Separation Coach guides you towards the fairest outcome based on both your needs, using touchscreen technology to visualise your agreements in real time.

  • 3
    Finalise your agreement and submit the docs

    You’ll get all the documents required including parenting plans, property settlements and consent orders to submit to the courts.

  • 4
    Put your agreement into place

    After you’ve reached your settlement, we help you follow through on what you’ve agreed to make sure everything follows your plan.

  • 5
    Move forward

    In less time and with less conflict than paying for lawyers, you’re ready to get on with your lives, having reached an outcome everyone is happy with.

For mediators

Make more of an impact. Become an EVORCE mediator and create better outcomes for more people.

Get access to qualified clients who’ve bought into a collaborative approach and game-changing realtime tools to help get them to great solutions quickly. EVORCE enables you to handle the entire process from intake to creating and lodging the paperwork.